Fuma Gordo Pipe


Gordo is the widest of the cigar pipes with the largest chamber. Measures about 3 3/4 inches in length. This listing is for just one (1) pipe.

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Handmade ceramic novelty pieces by Fuma Originals boasts a wide array of ceramic creations ranging from eclectic novelty gifts to beautifully crafted design pieces. All fuma pieces are original, and handcrafted of high fired porcelain by Fuma’s signature artist.The Gordo Ceramic Cigar Pipe is approximately 3.75″

Fuma CERAMIC pieces are conceived from clay and thought to be originated from Hindu monks in India and as sacraments by Rastafarians in Jamaica. Fuma Originals are inspired novelty pieces. They’re not only beautiful, but durable as well. As each piece is handmade and inspired to look and feel like an actual cigar.

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Weight 32 g

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